Financial Statements

Our experience is a vital asset for your balance sheet.

The annual financial statement is of key importance as a basis for company taxation and future business decisions. Benefit from our expertise in drafting your balance sheet.

Your annual financial statements drafted individually

In your annual financial statements, you document your corporate success over the last financial period whilst also creating an important basis for making decisions in the future. Your company’s financial statements have far-reaching significance as the foundation for tax calculations and for decisions by possible investors. Rating agencies, shareholders, customers and suppliers assess your company using the balance sheet.

Profit and loss calculations and the balance sheet are more than just a comparison of numbers. As a reflection of your company’s success, the annual financial statement needs to be represented in the best way possible such that it expresses the performance of your company in an understandable, informative and transparent way.

Drawing upon our expertise, we help you to optimise your annual accounts, and contribute to your company’s positive public image. We create annual accounts for owner-operated companies as well as capital companies and commercial partnerships.

There is no obligation for the freelancers among our clients to publish a balance statement. We thus offer you our expertise in optimising the drafting of your statement on excess of receipts over expenses.

Annual financial statement with national and international expertise

Commercial and tax law places high demands on the drafting of the annual financial statement. Our experts specialise in drawing up balance statements as well as profit and loss calculations, drawing upon their up-to-date knowledge of national and international accounting law thanks to regular participation in further training events.

We draft your annual financial statement in close cooperation with you to ensure that it complies with both German commercial law and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). We also support international customers in creating transitional financial statements whilst complying with all legal regulations. At the same time, we use the legally permitted optimisation potential to show your annual financial statement as a meaningful balance statement.

We treat every balance statement as a new and individual challenge to make sure our clients receive the best possible benefits. For the capital companies among our clients, we create all necessary balance statements and appendices in addition to the annual accounts.

Accounting policy is our profession

As part of the accounting policy, companies enjoy legally permitted discretionary room for manoeuvre when it comes to accounting. We consider accounting policy to be an exciting field of activity since it gives us possibilities to optimise your annual financial statement individually for your company.

Together with you, we also decide on the orientation the accounting policy takes in your company with regard to your future planning, thereby supporting you to realise your company’s plans.

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