The Digital Economy

We are here for you if you have your business online.

No other business is changing as rapidly as the digital economy. As a company that does business on the internet, you need to be flexible and respond rapidly at all times. We will be happy to handle your bookkeeping and taxes so that you don not have to deal with this added burden. Constantly staying on top of your accounts takes up a lot of time – but if you miss deadlines you will face issues with the tax authorities and unnecessary costs for penalty surcharges.

And another trap awaits you online: the obligation to publish website credits, legal notices, and general terms and conditions. Here, too, incomplete or incorrect information can result in serious commercial damages. In the worst case, prolonged downtime can mean the end for an online shop. Regardless of whether you manage your own websites or your clients’ websites, you have to be able to act without delay.

So, just leave your legal, bookkeeping and tax returns to the professionals. At nbs partners we know your individual requirements and keep you covered so that you can focus on the core tasks of your online business. Beyond this, we will also gladly show you the opportunities that tax and commercial legislation contains for the commercial development of your company.

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