The Creative Industry

We value creativity. Which is we free you up.

When the daily routine is increasingly taken up by laws and tax regulations, the space for creativity shrinks. Yet it is the driving force behind so many great accomplishments by artists, writers, actors, filmmakers, architects, journalists, and musicians.

We know from our clients that creativity and business are not always easy to reconcile. So why continue to let yourself be distracted from the essentials of your work? We handle commercial and fiscal tasks for you, freeing you up for more creativity. Bookkeeping, tax returns, balance sheets, profit and loss statements – at nbs partners, we are always up to date regarding tax legislation and case law. We will not leave you fending on your own.


We also concern ourselves with the special requirements of the creative industry, which means that we are in a position to take account of your specific needs and at the same time can also show you the best way to position yourself within the creative economy in future based on your business figures.

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