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We know law. We know auditing. We know tax. Sure – others do, too. And yet: We work differently. Because we have a very special understanding of our work, our community of co-workers, and our clients. For us, not only our own expertise counts, but also the art of looking beyond our own boundaries. For us, it is not only about individuals and who is the best at doing the most, but the big picture that counts. That’s why, depending on the requirements, we create flexible teams that have the necessary know-how to quickly and purposefully implement every requirement. As individuals, we are good – together, we are first-class.

holistic consulting specially tailored for your needs

  • We know the law – and take care of your rights.

  • We do not just audit your balance sheets. We examine your opportunities.

  • We know what you need to know - and give you room for manoeuvre.


We don’t just audit your balance sheets.  We examine your opportunities.

We see auditing as more than just reviewing the status quo. We keep an eye on the big picture and provide specific information that helps you make the right decisions to achieve your desired goal.

nbs partners is one of Germany’s top auditing companies. We offer our clients a special value-add: they are directly integrated into our project team. This means ongoing dialogue, a cooperation based on partnership with short decision paths that get you. Quickly. Individually. Effectively.

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We know what you need to know – and give you room for manoeuvre.

Tax legislation is complex. We help you find your bearings. Not just by drawing up tax returns; we also point up ways to cut costs and set the course for long-term business success at your company. To this end, among other things, we analyse tax risks and develop intelligent solutions. We give contemporary, dynamic advice with great passion. Fast. Individually. Effectively.

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