Cornelia Blum


Cornelia Blum accompanies start-ups in their founding and growth phases and repeatedly identifies optimization potential, especially digitalization. Her primary focus is on the digital economy and e-commerce. In the case of tax returns for private individuals, she is a specialist in cryptocurrencies in particular.

She is responsible for preparing annual financial statements and tax returns for partnerships and corporations and income tax returns for private individuals in tax consulting.

During her studies, Cornelia Blum worked in a tax consulting firm in Hamburg. She then started as a tax assistant at nbs partners and has been an integral part of the team ever since.

In her free time, she enjoys being outdoors, family life, and a wide variety of literature.


  • Since 2013 with nbs partners
  • After graduating, Cornelia worked for several years for a tax consultancy firm in Hamburg
  • B.A. in Social Economy at University Hamburg focusing on Business Administration in finance and accounting
  • Trained office clerk

Main focus of activities

  • eCommerce / digital economy
  • StartUps
  • Process development and optimization in Accounting
  • Tax consultancy in the area of cryptocurrency in a private and business context
  • Tax consultancy for medium-sized companies
  • Preparation of annual financial reports and tax returns for partnerships and corporations as well natural person

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