Germany’s best tax consultants and auditors 2019 – nbs partners receives awards

The Handelsblatt (German business daily) has once again this year awarded the top firms in 2019 in the field of tax consulting and auditing. nbs partners is once again one of the top-ranked firms and receives the awards „Best Tax Consultants 2019“ and „Best Auditors 2019“ from the Handelsblatt, particularly in the areas of accessions and inheritance tax as well as international accounting (IFRS). In the study carried out by the Hamburg market research company “S.W.I. Finance Deutschland” on behalf of the Handelsblatt, specialist questions from certain specialist areas must be answered accur…

Consequences of the implementation of “IFRS 16 Leases” on Key Performance Indicators

“One of my great ambitions before I die is to fly in an aircraft that is on an airline’s balance sheet…” (Sir David Tweedie, former IASB Chairman, April 2008) IFRS 16 was published by the IASB in 2016 and is effective in the European Union since 1st January 2019. In short, lessees are no longer obligated to account for lease transactions as operating or finance leases; instead, they have to recognize a so-called right-of-use asset and a mostly corresponding lease liability for almost all lease agreements. Subsequently, the right of use asset is usually amortized using the straight-line-meth…

nbs partners at GGI European conference 2018

nbs partners participated in this year‘s GGI European conference from 19th until 22nd April in the Adlon hotel in Berlin. Besides numerous interesting workshops and meeting more than 200 experts from around the world Boris Michels (GER) hosted a workshop on how to detect and prevent fraudulent activities. Against the background of publicly known fraud cases and professional experiences, similarities and circumstances enabling fraudulent activities were deeply discussed. Special thanks to Andrea van der Giezen (NL) from JAN Auditors & Tax Advisors and Bob Frank …

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